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In 2016 the company has eight board members:

  • Patricia Herbig, Chair, MBA, Finance and Banking

Patricia was a corporate lender for a Canadian bank for 15 years in Chicago, Hong Kong and New York before moving to London. She then worked as a consultant in private banking before retiring to raise bees.

  • John Gordon-Smith, Deputy Chair, (Retired) Social Worker/Head of Hammersmith&Fulham Drug/Alcohol Team

John has worked in social work, child care , mental health & substance misuse in voluntary and statutory agencies. His current interests are around the promotion of self-help groups , local activism and involvement in theory and practice of complementary therapies. John is currently Chairmen of The FIRM, Chairmen of Friends of Hammersmith Park, also on the London reginal committee for the Healing trust.

  • Dr James Reynolds,  Lecturer in Drama, Kingston University

James works as a Senior Lecturer in Drama at Kingston University, where his research specialisms include theatre for recovery. He is co-editor of Addiction and Performance (CSP, 2014), the first book of its kind to explore the benefits of performance-based strategies in helping people out of active addiction.

  • Shereen Sadiq, Drug and Alcohol Public Policy Professional

Shereen has worked in the substance misuse field for over 25 years in a range of different roles, both within the voluntary and statutory sectors at a local, regional and national level. Her role before Outside Edge was team leader of the Aftercare Team part of the Drug Interventions Programme. In her work roles she has actively promoted and supported the opportunities and benefits of rehabilitation through peer led organisations such as Outside Edge and others, recognising the significant challenges faced by individuals and their families. The values and passion she has have continued to support the importance and values of peer related support.

  • Dr Yvonne RobinsonUniversity Researcher within education, ethnicity & the arts

Yvonne works as a University based researcher within the areas of education, race, ethnicity and the arts. She has undertaken research and evaluation for the Economic and Social Research Council, and a number of UK government departments. In addition she has produced articles and reports on excluded and vulnerable groups, as well as arts based research methodologies as a means of understanding marginalised groups experiences.

  • Catherine Fox, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist

Catherine was instrumental alongside her life partner Phil Fox in the conception, birth and growth of Outside Edge, helping to  envision and realise a theatre company that would blaze a creative and truthful Path of healing through the alchemical power of Play. As a UKCP qualified psychotherapist with over 20 years experience of working with substance abusers, she has always been deeply committed to the wisdom of the ‘Wounded Healer’ and its ability to empower,ignite and unite the most alienated and disempowered in our communities.  

She sees theatre and the arts as a sacred path that anyone affected by chemical dependency can use to free their potential. 

 She and Phil shared over 30 years together,* never forgetting and profoundly grateful for their recovery from their own troubled and lost years. 

  • Natalie Petryszyn, Interim Operations Manager – starting Over reducing Re-offending Service / Manager Tri-Borough Group Service

I have been working within the health and social care/substance misuse/ Criminal justice System for over 12 years. I have studied in criminology and social policy, and worked closely with young offenders/families affected by substance misuse/abuse. I have been working within turning point now for over 4 years and I am the operations manager for two separate services- Starting over and Tri-group work service, both services support two different cohorts of clients which has enabled me to build on my skills/knowledge.

I have a great interest in supporting vulnerable adults/families/children who require support and I thrive on leading successful teams such as the Tri-borough group work service which has supported many clients within their recovery. I also have an great interest in alternative therapies which I feel I have implemented very well within both services as I feel that individuals such have as many treatment options as possible.

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