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Unfinished Business at The Ley Community

On 27th September The Company took a trip to Oxfordshire to perform Unfinished Business for the graduates of the Ley Community's treatment programme. We asked our Artistic Director, Susie Miller, for her take on the day. Here's what she had to say, "It was wonderful performing outside to an audience of over 100.

Angels & Seagulls: An Edge Two Production

On Wednesday 20th September the Edge Two participants invited us to their weekly session for a special preview of the piece they have been working on for the last month. Angels & Seagulls was born out of improvisations in the group working from the theatrical technique, Viewpoints. Viewpoints which could

Stockwell: A Play About Community written by Write Now

Read on to get a flavour for the characters and setting in the play Stockwell, written by participants in our Write Now workshop. Stockwell. By the Write Now Outside Edge Group. Characters: Frederick. 8 years old. The police helicopters are circulating. Everyone’s coming, even like Old Bill… I’m Frederick and I’m 8 years old. Samira. My name’s Samira and

Drop-in Graffiti Poetry – By Adelina Ong

These psychogeographic graffiti poems were made in response to the theme: 'To Seriously Entertain the Possible' - it's a quote taken from a Singaporean conceptual artist called Lim Tzay Chuen whose Alter series consists of public interventions that teases out the irrationality at play within the curatorial process where an

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 (8th – 14th May). This year the Mental Health Foundation wants us to consider the question, ‘are you thriving, or just surviving?’ The point being that too many of us are simply getting by rather than really flourishing in our lives. The Surviving or Thriving

Drop-In Participant’s Haikus

Some of our Drop-In Theatre participants have been writing haiku's in the sessions. In case you don't know a haiku is a type of Japanese poem composed of seventeen syllables written in three lines of 5, 7 and 5. Most haiku's traditionally use imagery from the natural world, but it's by no

Women’s Theatre Presents FAMILY PLOT

Women's Theatre Presents FAMILY PLOT 12 September 5pm 61 Munster Road, SW6 5RE  "Hush-a-bye baby, don't say a word good little girls should been seen and not heard" The Payne Family are keeping secrets, even from each other. The plot's thickening, the presssure's building and the lid's about to be blown clean off! (All resemblance to anyone you

Write Now – a safe writing workshop to share stories and build confidence

Announcing our newest workshop A safe writing workshop to share stories and build confidence. A supportive space to challenge the social stigma of people affected by addiction, through the written word. Starting from 8 June, 4-6pm. Please contact us at the office for more details 020 7371 8020

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