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Unfinished Business at the Bloomsbury Festival with special guests, Jimmy Page, Simon Woodroffe and Pierce Brosnan

On Friday 20th October the Company performed Unfinished Business at the Bloomsbury Festival in the Lumen URC Church. It was a great performance and some of our patrons came along too. Whilst they were there we asked them for their view of Outside Edge, here’s what they had to say:

Jimmy Page: “I’ve been following Outside Edge for a number of years and they continue to go from strength to strength with a great performances, passion and commitment.”

Pierce Brosnan: “I am proud to be a Patron of a theatre  company whose work is essential to the lives of so many of us who have family members suffering from addiction. The work of the Outside Edge Theatre Company must be seen by all who care for the well-being of those whom we love, and supported by the many who enjoy the world of the theatre.  For anyone who feels that they have lost their voice, their way in this life and the feeling for life, I believe that the Outside Edge Theatre Company could be that haven where they can reconnect to their true self through the art of acting, the art of writing and the voice of poetry and song. To talk story and to make a difference, not only in their life, but the lives of others.”

Simon Woodroffe: “Outside Edge’s work prevents and and replaces the hope and talent lost to addiction and with the high quality of their productions I believe we will see them in the West End and on Broadway soon is my prediction …One day future generations will look back at Outside Edge’s work and say this is where it all started – inspiring worldwide audiences and healing addiction.”

Finally, a few words from our longest company member, Mike Halden, who has been with us for 16 years and performed Unfinished Business alongside other cast members, Emmer Thompson, Liam Quinn, Christopher Holt & Jeff Blair.

Michael Halden: “As part of our outreach programme, on 20th October Outside Edge was a guest of Bloomsbury Festival, performing our workshop production ‘Unfinished Business’ at the Lumen URC Church in Tavistock Place. This spiritual, arts, community and social centre has the physical embodiment of a ray of light at its  architectural axis. The play explores the toxic mix of co-dependence and substance addiction, illustrated with adult material and libertarian language. The Lumen ministry welcomed us warmly and encouraged our open expression. A near full house in this venue, intimate despite its soaring nave, was gratifying. Among the audience were fellow Outside Edgers and guests from Bilimankwhe Arts, the London company having close ties with Malawi, who gave their lively production of ‘The Tempest’ at the Styx in Tottenham. This strong support was augmented by a sizeable clutch of Outside Edge patrons and friends: Jimmy Page, Simon Woodruffe, Pierce Brosnan, Jay Benedict and David Charkham. Spurred on, the performers gave it some welly, which was warmly appreciated by the house, and led to much mutual and constructive exchange at the curtain.”

Thank you to Jimmy, Pierce and Simon for joining us at the Festival and for your kind and encouraging words. Below are some pictures from the night!

Thank you to Stephen Nussey for the photography.

Unfinished Business is directed by Susie Millar and Christopher Holt and is available for touring in 2018 in treatment centres and rehab clinics, please get in touch for more info!


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