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Unfinished Business at The Ley Community

On 27th September The Company took a trip to Oxfordshire to perform Unfinished Business for the graduates of the Ley Community’s treatment programme.

We asked our Artistic Director, Susie Miller, for her take on the day. Here’s what she had to say, “It was wonderful performing outside to an audience of over 100. We had a poignant interactive workshop after the performance, where it was clear the residents had a good understanding of co- dependency. One of the amazing things about Ley Community is that once the  residents complete their programme they are supported to find a job and private accommodation away from their ‘using’ environment.  A rare and holistic programme that really focuses on relapse prevention. It was an honour to perform for the residents and families. Our four actors Emmer Thompson , Mike Halden, Liam Quinn and Freddie White did a wonderful job – it’s always challenging orientation the piece into a new space, they rose to the occasion and we had amazing feedback. ‘It was so real – that’s why I liked it – I could see myself ‘ said one of the residents.

We met some fascinating people who support Ley Community, it is a well loved and appreciated recovery programme – thank you to Darren and all the staff for making us so welcome.”

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