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Cries Unheard, originally commissioned by Gloucester Safeguarding Children Board, is a drama based training intervention designed to support multi agency professionals when safeguarding children affected by parental substance misuse.

Outside Edge will be touring the intervention nationally from September – October 2014

‘Anja tries to control her drug use. Her life, and the lives of her kids, is lived truly at the edge. ‘When I overdose, then come round’, She says, ‘I’m really disappointed to still be alive. But the strange thing is, I’m terrified of dying’. As events turn the police, nurses, teachers, and drug workers miss the cries of the children who are caught in a nightmare that they may never, ever, find their way out of’

If you are interested in including Cries Unheard in your children’s safeguarding training then please contact: [email protected]

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