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“I think this held a strong meaning behind it, portraying a clear message of addiction and social media. It was performed well and it let us imagine the scenes and objects.”  Year 9 Student

Looking up is a performance targeted at teenagers which examines the phenomena of social media addiction and the problems that arise from overuse of social media. It is an addiction that has crept into every sphere of public life – both children and adults today feel an overwhelming pull to be “liked”; to reaffirm themselves through ‘consuming’ online material. With the piece, we encourage young people to detach themselves from this need to consume; to take courage to step back and look up from their phones at the world around them; to enjoy the adventure of “real life”.

The piece will be followed by a practical activity that will allow the audience to get creatively involved in the work; to come up with alternative scenes, ideas or characters that shed further light on the young man’s world and the possible pathways that lie ahead of him.

“This play told us more about how easy it is to get addicted to all different things. From drugs to social media. It makes you realise a different side to it as well” Year 9 Student

30 minute performance followed by 30 minute workshop

 Please contact [email protected] for more info and to book

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