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A new play about one man and the program that changed the world’s treatment of addiction … forever.


Bill Wilson – Jay Benedict
Lois Wilson –  Cathy Walker
Bob Smith – Mike Halden

Written and directed by Phil Fox

Written and directed by the Artistic Director of Outside Edge, Phil Fox, One Day at a Time tells the story of the man known to millions of recovering alcoholics as ‘Bill W’ :  how he co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous with Dr Bob Smith, pioneered the ‘12 steps‘,  helped AA grow and –  finally –  set it free …

The action of the play takes place over the course of a few hours in a hotel in St Louis in 1955.

Under increasing criticism from fellow recovering alcoholics Bill instigates an encounter with an old friend who suggests a way through his  troubles.  Following his suggestions Bill decides to risk everything, sparking events that lead  to the final and greatest chapter in his and AA’s destiny.

Bill Wilson  is struggling to stay sober.  His depression, womanising, physical illness  and collapsing  marriage are  taking their toll on him.

“Theatre really doesn’t get any better than this.”Review:  Vulpes Libris

“Can anyone ever get rid of the Demons? Or the ghosts that follow you? … however long Bill Wilson  stays  sober, he has other problems;  his smoking, 
his womanising … Dr Bob Smith, his  co-founder, is his constant ghost and
will not let him be … This play could be – should be – at the Fringe Awards
next year at the Waldorf …  I urge you to see this play.  Great performances
from Jay Benedict as Bill, Cathy Walker as Lois and Michael Halden as
Dr Bob Smith. Phil Fox deserves much credit for the writing and direction
.” – London Festival Fringe

Touring Venues

Tara Arts, Earlsfield.
Oxford House, Bethnal Green.
Riverside Studios, Hammersmith.

9th to 28th November 2010

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