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The Outside Edge Theatre Company Tuesday Night Theatre Group Presents a new play scripted by award winning writer Sonya Hale about a woman in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in search of her lost child.

Shooting the Moon is a play set amidst ecological meltdown and civil unrest as a mother searches for her lost child.

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Its hot, Armageddon hot. The city skyline burns bright with the threat of riot and rebellion. A drug gang is frantically harvesting their crop. Tensions are running high, paranoia is at a fever pitch. With the threat from police and rival gangs imminent the last thing they need is the arrival of a mysterious woman, Anna. Anna is searching for her lost child, rumored to have been kidnapped by the gang. In this desperate land of drugs, gangs and violence Anna is prepared to do anything for her cause.

Tara Theatre, 356 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London, SW18 4ES


Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th June 2013

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