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For an addict trying to stay clean, getting out of jail is not always for free.

From 7th –  19th October 2013  The Outside Edge Theatre Company in association with RAPt will be touring nationally to prison and community drug and alcohol programs and community centres their hugely successful theatre intervention designed to support men and woman in their recoveries from substance misuse. The name of the intervention is Double Whammy.

‘Having got free of drugs in a prison treatment program, back on the wing, Nikki ends up sharing a cell with a using addict. ‘I could use again’, she tells a visiting friend ‘ but I doubt if I could recover again’. She manages not to pick up. Then on the day of her release Nikki’s met at the gate by her dealer brother. Offering her a lift he says that she can stay with him until she’s sorted. He’s also got some work for her. With only £97 in her pocket, a five mile hike to the train station and the only prospect for a nights sleep in a hostel for the homeless Nikki begins to climb into her brother’s car not sure if she is ever going to get out. Clean.’

The intervention is run out over two stages. In Stage 1 clients are presented with a performance of Double Whammy that lasts for approximately 40mins. In Stage 2, the play is run once again. This time, led by facilitator, participants are encouraged to stop, discuss and change the action of the presentation. Scenes are replayed with different audience interventions and role-plays. Solutions to the main characters problems are discussed and debated. The intervention becomes, amongst other things, an invaluable tool for relapse prevention. This part of the intervention lasts between 45 – 60 mins. A workshop further examining the issue is available should you wish to have one.

All of our artists have experience of substance misuse recovery.

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