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The session will begin with a presentation by our team of professional actors. They perform the 45 minute play. The play explores the pressures faced by chemically dependent people trying to stay clean and/or sober through the story of one addict/alcoholic new to living life without drugs and/or alcohol. As the story develops, we find that the addict/alcoholic has allowed himself to fall into a series of escalating living problems that eventually triggers a relapse.

After a break, led by the director/facilitator, the play will run a second time. this time the audience will be invited to stop, comment on, discuss and change the action by taking part in the performance themselves. In this way participants are enabled to discover and try out the other possibilities which the main character could have followed to avoid the relapse.

The Show

Mark is an addict and an alcoholic. He’s three months clean and sober and hasn’t been long out of treatment. And he’s having a tough time. He’s lost his job, he’s in masisve debt, and he’s about to be evicted from his flat. To top it all he wants to end his relationship with his girlfriend, but  last time he did that she tried to kill herself. He’s sick and tired of it all – just like when he reached the end of his using and drinking. All he needs is a little break … a rest from recovery, one last drink, one last drug … that’s all… it wasn’t as bad as all that… he wasn’t that sick and tired… was he?

The workshop is touring treatment, rehabilitation, prison, drop in, detox, and community spaces throughout the UK during November and December 2002.

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