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Codependency awareness and Relapse Prevention


“Reinforces powerfully in vision the message we are trying to get across to our groups. Particularly having to say goodbye to old life”  Danny Floyd, Turning Point Group Facilitator

Treatment Centre tour 2016

1hour 05 minutes

(35minute performance followed by 30minute interactive workshop)

Unfinished Business combines a dark naturalistic story of addiction, intertwined with dream like fantasy and live singing. Outside Edge Company perform in the round in a safe and intimate performance created specifically for those in early recovery, who may have little experience of attending a theatre performance.

Unfinished Business is devised by the Outside Edge Company our professional company of actors, themselves in recovery.



Synopsis: Megan has just left treatment for her substance misuse. Although her recovery is apparently stabilised, getting back into her life sparks a sequence of events that threatens to push her into past behaviours. Megan wants to and is capable of sustaining her abstinence but battles with her inner ‘addictive voice’. Her inner turmoil is heightened by her relationship with her father, himself in active addiction and familiar routines that have the potential to destroy her new found freedom from active addiction.

Workshop Themes: The workshop identifies co-dependency traits and relapse prevention techniques through a safe interactive workshop identified through Megan’s personal story.

Space and Requirements: The performance takes place in the round with the audience and performers sitting on chairs around a coffee table. We require a performance space of at least 2.5m by 4m, chairs and a sturdy coffee table

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