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Women’s Drama Group is currently not running. (October 2023 Update)

The Women’s Drama Group meets every Thursday from 12:30-2:30pm. This female-only group is specifically designed for women affected by any type of addiction, including their family, carers and champions, to come together in a creative space, meet new people and support one another.

This drop-in group is open to all ability levels and no previous experience needed to join. You will learn new skills and build your self- confidence whilst having fun through drama games and creative exercises. Participants will be empowered to co-produce the group’s design and delivery, whilst nurturing peer-support and creative expression.

Check out a sample of some written work from a previous version of the Women’s Drama Group here.

The workshop is a fun, safe introduction to drama and to Outside Edge, suitable for those who may have little or no experience of drama and or in early stages of their recovery.

Women’s Drama Group will help you to:

1. Increase confidence

2. Be in a safe, friendly support group

3. Foster personal creativity

You can just drop-in as part of your recovery process, but we do request that you have abstained that day to take part.

Women’s Drama Group participants are encouraged to attend OETC’s Social Activities, such as free Theatre Trips and Service User Social Events. Opportunities are advertised to current participants via email and text message.

If you have not been to an OETC workshop before please register your interest here.

If you are an existing OETC participant and have not received information about how to access these activities, please get in touch at [email protected] or call 0207 371 8020 for more information.

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