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Meet Our Facilitators

Meet… Chloe Bradbury (West London Drop-in Drama facilitator)

How did you start your journey with Outside Edge?

 *   “I started my journey at Outside Edge in June 2021. I had studied the work of Outside Edge for years and was so eager to see if I could get  involved. I decided to send Molly a networking letter in hope of receiving some volunteering opportunities within the company. Honestly, I never thought she would read the letter. But shortly after sending it, we chatted on the phone and all of a sudden I ended up at my first ever West London Drop in Drama session. I loved it so much, I just couldn’t stop coming. I travelled up from Portsmouth (a 150 mile round trip!) every Wednesday to volunteer with Julia and Tunde. In November I was asked to become a covering facilitator and I am now working as a regular facilitator on a Wednesday evening – it has been a dream come true and I feel so lucky to have been accepted into this incredible company”

What is your favourite thing about facilitating Drop-in Drama?

 *   100% the people. The best thing about it being ‘drop in’ is that you never know who’s coming, so every time someone walks through that door (literally, or virtually) at the beginning of the session it overwhelms me with joy. Everyone here is so so kind, welcoming and insanely talented – the people are what bring the sessions to life – it wouldn’t be what it is without them all.

Why do you think people should come to drop in drama?

 *   For me, Drop in Drama is the best form of escapism. No matter what is going on in your life, the facilitators here are of such a high standard you’re bound to forget about it for at least these two hours. It’s like you’re in a bubble. We play the silliest games and create the most absurd, hilarious work in a safe environment, with the most wonderful people working alongside each other. Whether you are trying to become a professional actor or have never tried drama before, you will love it here – even I can’t get enough of it that’s for sure!

What has been your best moment with Outside Edge so far?

 *   There’s so many it’s hard to whittle it down. I’ll go with one of the first socials I ever came to- The Karaoke.there’s a list of skills I do have above, singing is most definitely not one of those skills! Somehow I got roped into doing Karaoke and I don’t think I have ever been more hyped up by the people around me in my life. And it wasn’t because I’m secretly the next Mariah Carey – TRUST ME! For me that just sums up the people at Outside Edge – supporting, uplifting, non-judgmental and always, always up for a good old laugh. I’ll never forget that moment.

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