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After an overdose of heroin Sarah came round to find her son being taken away from her by the police. She had found rock bottom. Here she has written about her journey into recovery and how Outside Edge has been a principle player in keeping her clean and sober. Click to read Sarah’s story (PDF)



Mark, after relapsing and facing certain death, decided to have one last try at recovery. This time he found Outside Edge. Since then it has become a major factor in keeping him clean and sober. Click to read Mark’s story (PDF)



With nearly a year’s clean time under his belt, Tristan reflects on how Outside Edge was there at the beginning and carried him through some of the most difficult of times. Click to read Tristan’s story (PDF)



In Sonya’s own words:

“Outside Edge has encouraged me to love and be true to ‘the newly emerging me.’ Through creative play, I’ve come to see that I can step up, grow up, and take responsibility for my life… I’ve learned how to relate to others – men and women – honestly and creatively. I’ve learned how to work in a group – the constant battle between ego and self – wanting to be seen, be heard yet wanting to hide, never knowing how much to contribute, how much to give others their space. But the lessons don’t end here. I’ve learned about the very nature of life itself. I’ve started on a life-long journey towards finding myself.”

—Sonya, recovering addict.


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