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Performances this September



Date: Monday 25th of September 
Time: 7.30pm

This term our Moving Recovery group have explored themes of recovery through movement, drawing inspiration from imagery, poetry and music, including:

  • The passage of time through the dance work of Crystal Pite
  • Poetry by Ellen Bass
  • Music from Leonard Cohen

The piece is titled We Are Home and has been choreographed and developed collaboratively by Hannah Rudd and Hannah Williams, with service users in recovery.

Through exploring the concept of ‘home’, participants have questioned what it means to them as individuals and their collective recovery journeys.

The Moving Recovery Facilitators opened up the potential to create sensations of home within the weekly group; so that among the transient nature of life and recovery, they could always find home together.

Please join us for an evening to celebrate the beautiful work of the Moving Recovery Artists in the sharing of our latest dance piece – We Are Home, followed by a Q&A with our Recovery Artists.


Date: Thursday 28th of September
Time: 7pm

Join us for an evening of connection and Ever Changing Moments, celebrating the joy of our ever-evolving selves.

In this sharing of work, we embrace the unpredictable nature of life, where one minute we may feel like a banged up old washing machine and the next, a graceful flamingo. Some things are certain, while others are wonderfully uncertain. In our femininity, we understand the beauty and strength that comes from embracing change. 

To quote one of the performers, “We refer to our weekly group as “sessions,” but they are truly moments” – moments in time, moments in space, and moments shared together. Through a blend of poetry, scenes, movement, and ever-changing experiences, we explore the essence of womanhood and the power of our constant evolution.

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