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Drop-In Participant’s Haikus

Some of our Drop-In Theatre participants have been writing haiku’s in the sessions.

In case you don’t know a haiku is a type of Japanese poem composed of seventeen syllables written in three lines of 5, 7 and 5. Most haiku’s traditionally use imagery from the natural world, but it’s by no means necessary!


Here’s a few from Joey:

The sky is heavy

Snow on my tummy tickles
Time to fly that way


Nighttime shadows stare
Eyes like lightning look at me
Beautiful piggies


Freezing morning wakes
Climbing and slushing sideways
Disturbing brightness


And some from Marko:

Balmy morning stirs

Legs of thunder move to beat
Rustling leaves blow way back

Rising to the dawn
Lifted by arms through the storm
Staring at the light

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