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This workshop is for our company of professional actors and performers. Members have experience of substance misuse and are stable within their own recovery, able to commit to professional productions and theatre tours as we devise work that can often be sensitive and challenging.

The Company aims to:

  1. Create a shared vision
  2. Maintain positive and professional internal dynamics
  3. Develop knowledge of addiction and recovery
  4. Foster professional performance techniques and skills
  5. Support Individual members to build their professional portfolio

We request that those interested in joining The Company first complete Drop-in Drama and Edge Two workshop sessions. Contact OETC’s office for more information.


Outside Edge Theatre Company 61 Philpot Street, London, E1 2JH. | Phone: 02073718020. E-mail:  | Company registration No. 03871591  |  Registered Charity No. 1080948.

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